Applications for the USB Analog Input Module

LucidControl are made of a series of different input and output modules for digital and analog data acquisition and control which can be used in various logging applications. The USB ADC Module is USB power supplied and run stand-alone without making use of extra power adapters which makes LucidControl a low-cost equipment also for portable products.

USB Analog Input Module

In order to run the devices the primarily thing that is required is a connection to a conventional Universal serial bus port.

For the DIY branch the inexpensive input output equipment can also be added into distribution boxes and make it easy building a clean and straight forward development e.g. to control your central heating unit.

The flexible and DIN-Rail attachable housing makes LucidControl very prepared for the automation business because it enables their most easy inclusion into distribution boxes. Furthermore, the input output modules are equipped with most dependable and also plugable connections being helpful for most projects in general.

Making use of Linux OS these micro-sized computers are definitely best prepared to realize Internet applications making all input output services accessible via the net. Without needing extra drivers, the devices are operating immediately with most relevant computers and work with Microsoft Windows as well as Linux operating systems. In addition to conventional personal computers LucidControl Universal Serial Bus input and output modules are also compatible with embedded computers like the Raspberry Pi which makes the I/O equipment very usable.

In the training section, the units can be utilized by students to do their first steps in automation development. Owing to an complete documentation, professional programming utilities and libraries for many important programming environments and additionally their straight forward usage make the devices the best automation solution for beginners as well as for specialists.

Features of the USB Analog Input Module

The USB Analog Input and Output Modules represent one group of input and output units that are able to manage analog lines e.g. currents. The USB Analog Input Module can be used to meter four analog voltage lines.

The inputs are suitable for ranges of 5V, 10V and 24V furthermore symmetrical capturing ranges providing -5V to 5V, -10V to 10V and also a -24V tp 24V are available. In particular analog voltage channels of 0-10V and 0-24V are typically used in the building field.

Often used sensors such as wind sensors create 0-10V channels where the acquired signal is proportional to the metered wind velocity and that is why the 0-10V interface of the LucidControl USB analog input module matches best in order to communicate this kind of detectors.

Vortex flow sensors for example provide analog voltage signals relative to the amount of fluid run through it per time unit and the Universal Serial Bus analog capturing unit can process these values.

A high resolution of fourteen bit grants an accuracy of 0.25% over the entire measurement range of the LucidControl USB analog input module.

The integrated line processing stage filters disturbances from the acquired line, improving the acquired line making it even more accurate.

Regarding precision the 0-10V control of the USB analog input module measures an applied voltage signal with +/- 25mV precision which is an excellent tradeoff between costs and precision while being adequate for most logging purposes.

Our firms objective is it to provide LucidControl USB IO Modules with numerous interfaces in order to make the products prepared nearly all purposes. Additional details relating to the LucidControl I/O devices are available on our homepage.

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